If you are a black woman who wears weave, it means you are not happy being black!


Yup! Bet you wondered if you read that title right! Looool you sure did!

You are probably thinking along the lines of:

  • This girl is Cray!
  • Huh? But she wears weave tho!
  • She has lost her mind!

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The woman vs The woman


I know I am not the only one who wonders why as women we can barely get along? All the bitchiness that comes from distrust, hatred, jealousy, disloyalty and bitterness are all the qualities that makes us not “beautiful” as women. I have had my fair share of those ugly qualities towards my fellow sisters & I have definately received it a great deal back also. I have to admit sometimes certain people just need to get the boot out of your life to allow yourself to grow into a better person. The question you need to ask yourself is, what are you learning from it? Do you feel like you are just continously choosing the wrong set of friends? Does this change how you are now towards other women today?


As a child I faced bullying in both primary & secondary school, often being called “a skinny bi$%!”I wouldn’t even know how to deal with it. I didn’t like going home to tell my mum about it as I knew she would probably end up killing them but instead I just kept it to myself & tried to stay away from it as much as possible. I do feel as women (as much as we don’t like to admit it) generally we can take in a lot without anyone else realising. Going through that did bring out sides of me that caused me to act a certain way to others who I saw weaker than me, i was not physically or verbally aggressive but i was very manipulative, not realising that I was not being any better than the girls who were bullying me.

You may have been through similar situations as i have or even worst. When acting this way to other females, did you ever think what the real reason is for your behaviour? Did you come to terms with what you may have been through to act the way you do?

I don’t expect everyone to get along & you don’t have to like everyone you meet but maybe before you dislike that person you should really ask yourself why!? I have heard so many times “Yea I just don’t like her because of her face, it annoys me!” or “I heard that she said this about me!” Come on ladies, we can do better than this! I am not an angel, I have myself said immature things like this in the past but I am learning that those qualities are not doing me any favours to my life! The same person who I’m being a complete bit€% to yesterday could help me in my life tomorrow. Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean. I may not have a whole army of female friends but I am very secure & appreciative for the reliable & trustworthy ones I do have. At the same time I am very thankful to those who has shared a slice of my life with me also.


Working on that “inner beauty” is what is important before you can even begin to work on your “outer beauty”. Do what you can to get rid of those negative energies, whether that be caused from a string of bad relationships, a troubled past, a dysfunctional home, bad experience in friendships or even the fear of feeling “left behind”. Realise that everyone is beautiful no matter the experience that you have shared with them, yes bad things do happen in our lives but so does good things too! Talk to those you can trust as its always better to vent than to keep it in & most importantly, surround yourself with positivity, nothing beats having people in your life who are growing & who you can look up to. This gives you the ambition to do well also! As cliché as it may sound, your time will come for you to succeed, so continue to be patient! In the meantime lets start by working on the same women who could relate more to you than the opposite sex!

Stay humble & keep smiling because you are beautiful x